Lagunitas Creek Restoration Frank Haro

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Frank Haro, of Glissman Excavating, drills holes into logs and rocks while securing them into place along the San Geronimo Creek to create fish habitat in Lagunitas Wednesday. Crews completed the first of these projects along the creek near the home of 24-year Lagunitas residents Michael Snyder and Carol Stanger. Where tangles of blackberry bushes once hung over a heavily eroded stream bank now sits the smoothed slopes of a new alcove where young fish can take refuge from heavy winter flows. This is but one of several properties in the valley that have opened their lands to restore vital fish habitat as part of the county’s San Geronimo Valley salmon enhancement plan. About 10 projects have been designed under the plan’s landowner assistance program, which started planning a decade ago and works to pair erosion control with salmon habitat restoration. Learn More © Jeremy Portje/Marin Independent Journal