Mokelumne River Restoration II

Restoration Stories

Woodbridge Irrigation District’s Lower Mokelumne River Restoration Program improved fish passage at the Woodbridge Dam while maintaining WID’s access to its water rights. In 2005, Woodbridge Irrigation District replaced the Woodbridge dam with improved design to attract fish to the ladder, fish ladders that operate when water levels in the lake are both high and low, and a fish-counting station and viewing area. Improvements to downstream fish-passage facilities included construction of a new bypass pipeline to transport fish migrating downstream from the existing fish screen to a location below the dam, and a smolt trap in the bypass pipeline. In 2008, the District replaced the fish screens with new flat-plat “V”-shaped fish screens at the Woodbridge diversion canal. Project partners include EBMUD, CA DFW, NOAA Fisheries. ©