Noyo River Restoration III

Restoration Stories

Upper Little North Fork Noyo Coho Habitat Enhancement Project. Grant P1710512 was awarded to Trout Unlimited to install some 30 large wood structures along 1.13 miles of high priority core recovery Coho habitat in the upper Little North Fork Noyo River watershed. This project will increase habitat complexity, pool frequency, and pool depth to benefit all life stages of native Coho and steelhead by addressing channel incision and simplified channel geometry. A primary partner in the project is the Lyme Redwood Forest Company, which owns and manages all the land within this drainage.

Little North Fork Noyo Sediment Reduction and Coho Recovery Project. In partnership with the Lyme Redwood Forest Company, this project will prevent approximately 9,745 cubic yards of sediment from entering Little North Fork Noyo River by treating 32 features and 1.20 miles of abandoned forest roads with permanent road decommissioning. Sedimentation from riparian road systems can adversely impact juvenile steelhead survival, as well as the quantity and quality of instream rearing habitats. The total amount of road proposed for decommissioning is 2.31 miles. The project will benefit native Coho and steelhead. Learn More © Trout Limited