Shasta River Restoration I

Restoration Stories

Erikas_cows and creek

The Shasta Watershed Conservation Group is working with dozens of public and private stakeholders to develop precedent-setting Shasta River Safe Harbor Agreement that commits ranchers, land managers, and irrigators to meaningful improvements in on-farm water management, in-stream flow restoration, water quality restoration, and net conservation benefit over 30,000 acres and 17 miles of the upper Shasta River. Project partners include California Trout, Siskiyou Farm Bureau, Siskiyou County, cooperating Safe Harbor landowners, Timbervest, The Nature Conservancy, Scott River Water Trust, CA Department of Fish & Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Services, NOAA/NMFS, Shasta Valley/Siskiyou RCD, Coho Recovery Group, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, Watercourse Engineering. Learn More © Erika Nortemann