Trinity River Restoration VI

Restoration Stories

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The Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP) implements the 2000 Department of Interior (DOI) Record of Decision, which directs DOI to restore the fisheries of the Trinity River impacted by dam construction and related diversions of the Trinity River Division (TRD) of the Central Valley Project. Water diversions of the TRD compounded impacts from gold mining and historic logging. TRRP focuses on restoration flows (increase in release flows from Trinity Dam), channel rehabilitation, watershed activities, and spawning gravel augmentation to benefit salmonids. The TRRP  is a multi-agency program with eight Partners (US Bureau of Reclamation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Hoopa Valley Tribe, Yurok Tribe, CA Natural Resources Agency, National Marine Fisheries Service, US Forest Service, and Trinity County) forming the Trinity Management Council (TMC), plus numerous other collaborators. © Bob Wick, BLM California